The Faculty of IT and Innovation Leadership offers a revolutionary study program for the Republic of Moldova. Through the most modern pedagogical tools and methods, each student will have the opportunity to develop personal and professional skills in information technologies, business innovations, leadership and teamwork. Moreover, in order to connect university studies with the needs of the global business environment, students benefit from courses that harmoniously combine classroom lessons and practical laboratories staffed by the most rated companies on the market.

Innovation is an exciting opportunity to get more engaged in your work, solve problems, and be creative.

This course will help you to:

•Discover why innovation is essential to your company’s growth and career.
•Then explore the unique skills common to the world’s best innovators and learn to cultivate them in your current role.
•Next, identify opportunities to innovate by talking to your users and customers, and learn how to use testing to validate those ideas and generate more solutions.
•Finally, learn how to build a culture of innovation by applying agile principles to initiatives and engaging coworkers and managers in collaborative and open-ended conversations.
•By the end of this course, you should walk away energized and excited about the possibilities for innovation at your organization.